Comfortable sailing and ultimate enjoyment of your company on board? Every boat trip is a unique experience with a powerful electric sloop or a whisperboat.

The regional sloops were specially designed for the waterways of Weerribben-Wieden National Park The electric engine allows the sloop to glide silently through the water. This sloop or whisperboat means there is peace and quiet to enjoy your company and the stunning surroundings!

Luxury and simple controls

Have you never sailed a boat before? A sloop or whisperboat is easy to operate and you do not need a license. After a short introduction, you will be ready for your boat trip around Weerribben-Wieden. Many sloops can be hired for a day or half-day. This is convenient for a first taster. View the hire locations here.

GPS or route map

Sloops can be hires throughout the region. Some sloops are fitted with GPS route assistance. The monitor on board shows the exact sailing route. The GPS route assistance leads you along hundreds of waterways, canals and lakes. A route map makes it easy to navigate, but you could also follow one of the marked routes.

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