The Weerribben-Wieden Marketing organisation, part of MarketingOost, works closely with (tourism and recreation-focused) entrepreneurs, traders associations, events organisers, nature groups, the municipality of Steenwijkerland and the province of Overijssel - among others - to deliver promotion and general information provision about the region. Our activities are intended to enhance the prominence of the region and to inspire people to visit the region, for the purpose of strengthening the regional economy where tourism and recreation play an important role.


Weerribben-Wieden Marketing is part of MarketingOost. Their objective is image improvement and the enhancement of name awareness of the brand names Hanzesteden, IJsseldelta, Salland, Vechtdal, Weerribben-Wieden and Zwolle. This is done through region and city marketing in the broad sense of the word. The emphasis is on recreation and tourism, but there is increased focus on other areas, such as living, working, education and care, which together with tourism and recreation determine the appeal of the city and region.

The (regional) brands are supported by MarketingOost Kennis & Innovatie, the knowledge and innovation department for the benefit of the entire province of Overijssel. This unit within MarketingOost works on market research, monitoring and effect measurement on the one hand, and the further development and application of online marketing on the other hand. In addition, MarketingOost Routenetwerken (route networks) is also part of MarketingOost. This unit concentrates on coordination and maintenance of existing route networks and the development of new networks.

MarketingOost is located in Zwolle.

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