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Dining with views across the lake. That is the gastronomy on offer at Weerribben-Wieden. Combine the best from the kitchen with the best from nature. There is nowhere better to enjoy good food by the water than in this region.

A traffic sign warns of crossing waiters and waitresses. Staff at Hotel Restaurant Café Geertien are constantly crossing the road to the terrace by the water when the weather is good. Visitors are assured of a breathtaking view across Weerribben-Wieden National Park and a never-ending stream of passing boats. And all this in a village with the unglamorous name of Muggenbeet (“Mosquito Bite”). Never has there been a bigger discrepancy between the somewhat ominous place name and the delights on offer at the terrace.

Weerribben-Wieden is overflowing with such characterful terraces, where enjoyment is second to none on sunny days. They offer views across large lakes (Giethoorn, Wanneperveen), picturesque canals (Kalenberg, Giethoorn), busy locks (Blokzijl, Ossenzijl) or impressive nature scenery (Sint Jansklooster, Kalenberg, Giethoorn). And let’s not forget the magnificent historical towns in the region. The terrace at the Mauritshuis in Blokzijl has been in the Top 100 of best Dutch terraces for years and for good reasons. A little further along, at Sluiszicht, there is a beautiful view of the hubbub of the busy lock at Blokzijl.

The best terraces by the water also include:

Paviljoen aan 't Wiede, Wanneperveen
Kolkzicht, Ossenzijl
Smits Paviljoen, Giethoorn
Fanfare, Giethoorn
Otterskooi, Dwarsgracht
Otterswold, Belt-Schutsloot
Pieter Jongschaap, Kalenberg
Het Doevehuis, Kalenberg

Cheers and bon appetit!

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