Weerribben-Wieden National Park

For centuries, Blokzijl, Kuinre and Vollenhove looked out over the Zuiderzee, but the arrival of the Noordoostpolder drastically changed the view. Walking past the Havenkolk in Blokzijl, it is noticeable that the atmosphere and the traditions are still in the air. Kuinre and Vollenhove also evoke images of sea vessels coming in at any moment.

Personal account

“So photogenic...”, says Coby Bergsma about the Zuiderzee towns Blokzijl, Kuinre and Vollenhove. Together with husband Johan, she wanders through Weerribben-Wieden with her camera in hand, giving courses. “The Blokzijl Havenkolk is ideal for evening photography, with its reflections across the water. It’s also a sight to behold during the day”, says Coby. Vollenhove is also beautiful, according to her. “Johan took photos of the parade there. You can hardly believe your eyes the first time you see it. This is actually true about the entire region. The combination of Weerribben, Wieden and the Zuiderzee towns is magnificent.”

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