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Visitor Center De Wieden is the ideal starting point for a day in the watery nature reserve De Wieden. Join a boat trip, take a nice walk or bike ride and visit the tea shop. There are also fun OERRR activities for children!

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Visitor Center De Wieden

Visitor Center De Wieden is located in the first farmhouse on Beulakerpad in Sint Jansklooster. It is an ideal starting point for a day out in National Park Weerribben-Wieden.

In the visitor center you will find information about routes and boat trips and activities for children. You can watch a film about De Wieden. This wet nature reserve of over 6,000 hectares in the Kop van Overijssel is an oasis of space and tranquility. Sail with the forester over the vast lakes (the 'wieden'), take a walk through the reed beds or enjoy the flowery hay meadows in the area by bike.

In the visitor center you will find a tourist information point with information about the area. There is also a store with nice gifts and coffee or tea with local delicacies. A little further along the Beulakerpad is the teashop, with delicious lunches and coffee or tea with pastries on the menu.

Sailing with the forester across De Wieden

De Wieden is best explored by boat. On the open excursion boats, the skipper is also a forester or nature guide. Along the way you can count on fascinating stories about the preserved landscape and the unique nature. You board the "Cormorant" or the "Black Tern", two open whisper boats that silently guide you through this wonderful marshland. The excursion boats sail beautiful tours through De Wieden. The trips vary in length and character. From April to October the excursion boats are moored at the jetty at Bezoekerscentrum De Wieden in Sint Jansklooster. Look for the current excursion program in the agenda.


The eco-water bus shuttles back and forth twice a day from Sint Jansklooster to Giethoorn and to Blokzijl. Up-to-date information is posted on the page about the ecowaterbus.

Decking and boot path↵.

The plank path is a short, circular path over floating land. You see De Wieden in miniature: a landscape with lakes and waterholes, reed beds, ditches and swamp forests. Here the otter lives, countless birds nest and you will see beautiful wildflowers blooming in spring and summer. This walk is wheelchair friendly.

Behind visitor center De Wieden there is a boot path through the marsh. The marsh path winds right through the reed bed. So put on your boots or sturdy shoes. You cross several wide ditches with drawbridges along the way. Nice adventure for older children.

Water tower Sint Jansklooster

The water tower of Sint Jansklooster stands in the middle of National Park Weerribben Wieden. It was built in 1931-1932 and officially opened as an observation tower in 2014. Climb the water tower via the wooden stairs and look out over the beautiful nature of De Wieden at a height of 45 meters. Reserve a time in advance for your visit.

De Wieden nature reserve

In De Wieden you will find a uniquely preserved landscape. The alternation of the large open waters of the wieden with gullies and winding ditches, are characteristic. Rare plants and animals feel at home on the floating land. More information about nature reserve De Wieden can be found here.

Current information.

Check the website for current boating and departure times, route apps and news about the landscape and nature. Or stop in at De Wieden Visitor Center for tips and advice.

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8326 AH Sint Jansklooster
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