With a shared bike, you can enjoy easy travel in Drenthe and Overijssel. Get it and cycle through National Park Weerribben-Wieden. You can find a bike at one of the many hubs. For a short practical journey or a lovely long ride, and the chance to be delighted by this unique part of the Netherlands.

How the shared bike works

  • Download the DeelfietsNederland App
  • Follow the instructions step by step
  • Pay in 15 minute segments
  • When you’ve finished your journey, return the e-bike to one of the hubs

Install the Deelfiets Nederland app on your phone

Where can I find the hubs?

  • Hub Steenwijk, Stationsplein 4
  • Hub Oldemarkt, Frieseweg 39
  • Hub Blokzijl, Kanaalweg 1
  • Hub Giethoorn, Bartus Warnersweg 1
  • Hub Belt-Schutsloot, Belterweg 15
  • Hub Ossenzijl, Waterstaete 1 (Waterpark Ossenzijl)
  • Hub Wanneperveen, Veneweg 247
  • Hub Steenwijk, Gemeentehuis, Vendelweg 1
  • Hub Steenwijk, Groot Verlaat, Koematen 36
  • Hub Diever, Bosweg 2a
  • Hub Havelte, Toegangspoort Holtingerveld, Van Helomaweg 18

New hubs:

  • Hub Bant, Schoterweg 3
  • Hub Kraggenburg HCR Van Saaze, Dam 16
  • Hub Schokland, Middelbuurt 3
  • Hub Marknesse, Voorsterweg 28
  • Hub Emmeloord, Friesepad 4

=> Top idea: you can take your bike on theEcoWaterBus, making your journey even more enjoyable!

Looking for a good route to cycle? Use theWeerribben-Wieden app to find plenty of inspiration!

More about the hubs in Weerribben-Wieden

The hubs with the e-bikes are located in Blokzijl, Oldemarkt, Belt-Schutsloot, Wanneperveen, Ossenzijl, Steenwijk and Giethoorn. These places are easy to reach by car or public transport. There are a total of 52 e-bikes spread across these start points. The project has been initiated by Steenwijkerland municipal council and made possible by the Zwolle Region Deal. It's a first both for Steenwijkerland and for a nature reserve: never before has a municipal council in the Netherlands initiated a shared mobility project in a National Park.

Weerribben-Wieden more accessible

The hubs with shared bikes ensure that Weerribben-Wieden National Park and its surrounding areas (such as Drenthe, Weststellingwerf and the Noordoostpolder) are accessible to any visitor who wants to discover and explore the area. This makes the hubs one of the links in the Duurzaam (Be)leefbaar Toerisme (Sustainable Liveable Tourism) programme. This programme invites visitors, both with and without a car, to discover the area and offers them the opportunity to make their way off the beaten track. This is important, because Weerribben-Wieden has many beautiful locations that are (currently) visited less often. This includes nature areas, but obviously also the fortified town of Steenwijk, Giethoorn and the water villages, and the trading towns that once lay on the Zuiderzee. .

Shared Mobility

The project with hubs and shared bikes fits with the trend of more and more people opting for shared mobility. They do not own their own car, e-bike or moped, but hire them when needed. Shared mopeds and bikes are already widely used in cities, but with the hubs in the Weerribben-Wieden, Steenwijkerland is also introducing shared mobility to a National Park. Alongside e-bikes, the hubs will also feature e-mopeds, e-scooters and shared cars in future.

Selecteer een van de routes in de app en ga op pad!

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