Kiersche Wijde walking route

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    14.7 km
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Colourful meadows, reed fields with reed cutters hard at work, and rare birds flying up above: a walk in De Wieden offers all this and more. The Kiersche Wijdepad features every fascinating aspect. Make sure you wear sturdy hiking boots - it is swampy underfoot - and please leave your dog at home.

Starting point

The walking route follows the walking network, so you can join anywhere along this route. A great departure point for this route is De Wanne village hall in Wanneperveen (Dorpshuisstraat 2). You will find route marker C40 on the northside of the car park. From here, follow the coloured route arrows as shown on the infostrip towards the next marker. For this route: in a north-easterly direction from C40 green.

  1. Wanneperveen


    Moving villages do exist. Once peat cutters had collected all the peat from an area, they would slowly move further away. Villages relocated along with them or grew into a ribbon settlement like Wanneperveen. This water sports village is the perfect spot for a culinary stopover.

  2. Wieden vista

    Wieden vista

    The height of no less than 9 metres offers amazing views towards ‘t Eiland, with its patterns of ponds and islands formed by dredging peat. The many birds complete the vibrant scene.

  3. Floating land

    Floating land

    Walking on water: it is possible in this unique area. In many places around the Weerribben-Wieden, water plants such as water pineapple formed a layer. Eventually this became so thick that it made it possible to walk on water. A unique experience.

  4. A glimpse behind the scenes

    A glimpse behind the scenes

    A glimpse behind the scenes! One of the expressions originating from the world of decoys and decoy men, as is ‘de pijp uitgaan’ (to croak). The area with many duck decoys once upon a time. Hardly any people were allowed anywhere near decoys like this - nature could be nature, uni.