Giethoorn - Woldberg Route

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    44.2 km
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Die Fahrradroute folgt dem Fahrradknotenpunkt-System. Sie können Ihre Route im Prinzip an jedem beliebigen Punkt entlang der Strecke beginnen. Parken Sie Ihr Auto am Start- und Zielpunkt und genießen Sie eine Tasse Kaffee oder ein leckeres Mittagessen in der Nähe. Ein schöner Startpunkt für diese Route ist der P+R-Parkplatz am Bahnhof in Steenwijk. Folgen Sie ab hier der Beschilderung bis Knotenpunkt 31 (rechts abbiegen auf Eesveenseweg) und dann wie auf der Knotenpunktübersicht angegeben.


Starting point

The cycling route follows the cycling network, so you can join anywhere along this route. Park at a departure/finish point and enjoy a cup of coffee or delicious lunch nearby. There are plenty of toilet facilities too. A great departure point for this route is the P+R at Steenwijk train station. Follow the signs from here to hub 31 (right turn onto the Eesveenseweg) and then follow the route as indicated on the hub route description.

  1. Fortified city bastion

    Fortified city bastion

    Eight bastions were tasked with protecting Steenwijk from the Spaniards. A 2-kilometre route runs past all the fortifications that played an important role in the Eighty Years’ War. Nowadays, Steenwijk is a pleasant city with great places to shop, eat and drink.

  2. Bird paradise De Auken

    Bird paradise De Auken

    Take a detour to bird hide De Auken, which offers an amazing view of colony birds such as spoonbills and purple herons. This is also the habitat of the bittern and many other extraordinary species. Any bird spotter will love it here!

  3. Giethoorn


    Giethoorn is one of the most famous villages in the Netherlands; it is often called Dutch Venice. The picturesque village is well-known for its waterways, little bridges and punts. Transport around the village is usually by punt, a flat-bottomed boat that’s pushed along using a stick.

  4. De Eese

    De Eese

    De Eese country estate is a family estate spanning approximately 800 hectares. The estate is considered a cultural-historical mansion thanks to its extraordinary buildings and characteristic structure of lanes. The estate includes an old stronghold, bearing the year 1619 and surrounded by a moat.

  5. The Woldberg

    The Woldberg

    Picturesque pimple in a flat landscape. The Woldberg - ‘only’ 26 metres high - protrudes high above the surrounding area. Be ‘high and mighty’ on the observation tower and take a moment to rest in the teahouse. Also worth a visit: De Eese country estate, just down the road.