Woldberg walking route

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    13.8 km
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Kommen Sie mit dem Zug oder parken Sie das Auto am Bahnhof in Steenwijk. Zur eigentlichen Route kommt man über einen 2,5 km langen Weg. Einfach dem gelben Wegweiser zu B61 nach B45, grün zu B44. Folgen Sie von B44 aus der 'Farbroute', wie in der folgenden Beschreibung angegeben. Sie kehren schließlich zu B45 zurück. Dort können Sie links abbiegen und den gelben Pfeilen zurück zu B61 folgen.




Starting point

Take the train or park your car at Steenwijk train station. There is a 2.5-km approach trail that leads you to the route, just follow the yellow arrow from B61, via B45, with green arrow to B44. From B44, follow the 'color route' as indicated in the description below. Eventually you will return to B45 and there you can turn left and follow the yellow arrows to B61.

  1. Fortified city

    Fortified city

    Eight bastions were tasked with protecting Steenwijk from the Spaniards. A 2-kilometre route runs past all the fortifications that played an important role in the Eighty Years’ War. Nowadays, Steenwijk is a pleasant city with great places to shop, eat and drink.

  2. Woldberg


    Beautiful Steenwijk surroundings. The Woldberg is literally the region’s high point. The 26-metre hill formed during the penultimate ice age, about 150,000 years ago.

  3. Eeserveld


    De Eese country estate is a family estate spanning approximately 800 hectares. The estate is considered a cultural-historical mansion thanks to its extraordinary buildings and characteristic structure of lanes. The estate includes an old stronghold, bearing the year 1619 and surrounded by a moat.