1. Sailing through Dutch Venice

    Narrow canals, large lakes and stunning waterways. The water in and around Giethoorn has everything that makes water sports appealing. Add to that the wide choice of boats available for visitors to explore Dutch Venice by water. From the authentic punt to the adventurous aquabubble. Take your pick.

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    ‘Whisperboat’ or sloop

    Comfortable sailing and ultimate enjoyment of your company on board? Every boat trip is a unique experience with a powerful electric sloop or a ‘whisperboat’ as it glides soundlessly through the water. This means there is plenty of peace and quiet to enjoy your company and the stunning surroundings!

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    A punt belongs in Giethoorn as a gondola belongs in Venice. Tourists from across the globe have an unforgettable experience in this floating monument. However, it takes some time to master ‘punting’. Tip: also visit an authentic punt boatyard, where the nautical atmosphere from centuries ago still prevails.

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    Boat trip

    Would you like to relax while enjoying the village and nature, and listen to the best stories at the same time? Then a boat trip along the most amazing spot around Giethoorn is the best choice. There will probably be as many nationalities on board as there are seats!

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    Away from the hustle and bustle, into the reedlands or meadows. This is best in a canoe. Paddling through paradise on earth. Beautiful routes around Giethoorn and De Wieden take you along the most stunning Wieden spots. True adventurers can also stay overnight at special places in nature!

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    Surfing or supping

    Once super trendy: surfing. There are still many surfing fans getting on boards at the surfing school in Giethoorn. Sometimes with the traditional surf sail, but just as often with just a paddle. ‘Supping’ is the perfect way to enjoy nature. Standing on a surfboard you have the perfect view across the reedland.

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    Admittedly, this is not for travelling distances worth mentioning, but the fun you’ll have makes up for this. Walking on water in a playful Aquabubble. A top activity for the whole family.

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